The Washington State Rehabilitation Council (WSRC) leads an active, constructive and enduring policy partnership with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR).

DVR is a division of the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services. Together with DVR, we ensure that eligible Washingtonians seeking vocational rehabilitation services can be confident that vocational counseling and guidance will be individualized and effective.

We share a common commitment to cultivating credibility and trust in our partnership by sharing information, program and performance data, experience and expertise.

WSRC strengthens the vocational rehabilitation program and the state of the environment the program operates in, by:

  • Asking strategic questions and sustaining ongoing dialogue with DVR leaders about program performance, policy development, and other systemic issues;
  • Garnering input from DVR customers and community partners to assess satisfaction with services and partnerships;
  • Evaluating data to learn more about customer satisfaction, program performance, and systemic trends;
  • Developing policy recommendations and;
  • Advocating for positive change.

The desired outcome of our partnership is to enable each participant to identify a specific employment goal and then empowering him or her to develop and implement a plan for achieving it.

About the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

DVR’s Mission

Transforming lives by assisting individuals with disabilities to fully participate in their communities through meaningful employment.

DVR’s Vision

Dedicated professionals leading the field of vocational rehabilitation, delivering exceptional experiences to every customer, every time.

DVR believes everyone should have the opportunity to pursue meaningful work, and that employment further improves a person’s ability to live independently, make choices, and contribute to one’s community. DVR provides people with disabilities the tools, supports, and services required to achieve successful employment, which hopefully will result in a greater quality of life. With offices located throughout Washington State, DVR has been a community partner for more than 80 years.

Services DVR Provides:

  • Individualized vocational rehabilitation counseling and employment services and supports to people with disabilities who want to work but face substantial barriers in finding meaningful and sustained employment.
  • Technical assistance and training to employers regarding the recruiting and hiring of people with disabilities.