VR 100 Celebration

October 20, 2020
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Celebrating a Century of Transforming Lives!

This video premiered on October 15, 2020 and is available for viewing on Youtube at the link below.

Thank you for watching the Washington State VR100 Celebration Video, where you will hear from over 25 participants of VR, personnel of VR, employers of VR customers, and current and former VR Directors. It was a joy creating this video and we hope you enjoy watching it!

Program is streaming online at the following link:


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Event Sponsors
  • Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation at the University of Washington
  • Client Assistance Program
  • Department of Services for the Blind
  • Developmental Disabilities Administration
  • Disability Inclusion Network
  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Health Care Authority
  • Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Washington State Rehabilitation Council
  • WA State Rehabilitation Council for the Blind
  • Western Washington University's MA in Rehabilitation Counseling Program